Saturday, May 23, 2009

What Goes Up....

What a week! On Wednesday we went on a terrific homeschool outing to a historic village with our local homeschooling group. There were 169 of us there! That's pretty amazing for a group that didn't even exist the first time I homeschooled. I took lots of pictures, but have yet to upload them so that'll have to wait until my next post. The weather was gorgeous, and Logan was really into it. At the living history exhibits, he asked lots of good questions. We met some new people and had a really good time.

But later that evening, he and his friend Damien were playing out front--supposedly kicking a soccer ball around--when I heard a loud thunk, and then Damien say, "Ohmygosh, are you all right?" I looked out the window, to see Logan holding the top of his head and say uncertainly, "I think so..."

But then he took his hand away and saw the blood. I bolted to the front door to let him in, and by that time his face and his shirt were already covered in blood. I pressed my hand onto what I thought was the general location of the wound and began banging on the bathroom door where my husband Ely was getting ready to take a shower. He heard Logan's shrieking, and opened the door. By this time my hand was covered in blood and it was dripping onto the floor. There was SO. MUCH. BLOOD. I grabbed the nearest towel, wet it, and pressed it onto his head. Believe it or not, Ely and I were completely calm. We've already lived through this scenario several times with the older kids, and we are both emergency room veterans.

Poor Damien was hanging back by the door not sure what to do. "What hit him, Damien?" I asked.

"A rock," he answered miserably. God. So that was the sound I heard--a rock connecting with my son's skull. "We were throwing rocks up into the tree. Is he okay?"

"Well, he's bleeding a lot, but he'll be fine," I said, over Logan's hysterical screaming. "You should probably go home."

In the middle of all this, Logan had to pee, I was still trying to staunch the bleeding with the towel, and Ely went out to the yard to try and find the offending rock. It was huge--a big hunk of granite. What were they thinking?? "We--we were trying to hit the branches and it bounced off and hit me," Logan managed to get out.

Well, four hours in the ER and four stitches later, Logan's inch-long head gash was finally closed up and we came home at midnight to learn that Adam Lambert had lost American Idol. So, a crappy evening all around!

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